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Ida Township has three cemeteries on Lulu Road that are all at the same location. The original Lulu Road Cemetery is known as “Lulu Old Cemetery”. This portion of Lulu Cemetery is evidenced by very old headstones. Ida Township no longer sells lots in this old portion; however there are still burials there for owners of the graves/lots that were purchased in past years.

Additionally, there is a portion known as “Lulu New Cemetery”. The Township no longer sells graves/lots in this portion as well. As well, there are still burials there due to families who have owned these lots for years, and family members have burial rights that have been passed down.

The new section on Lulu Road that is southwest as you drive in from Lulu Road (on the right) is known as Red Maple. The Township is selling graves in this portion as follows:

For an Ida Township qualified person (heir, resident or land owner)
$400 per Grave
$3,210 per Lot (8 graves)

For non-qualified persons
$700 per Grave
$5,600 per Lot

Red Maple Cemetery has the option of purchasing from a nursery and planting a tree in one of the graves that has been set aside a designated for trees. The spaces are available through the Township and there is no charge for the space. However, the person who purchases the tree must be responsible for its care, watering, etc. The Cemetery Sexton must be contacted to plant the tree.

If you wish to purchase a grave(s) or a lot please contact the Ida Township Clerk or Deputy Clerk at 3016 Lewis Avenue, PO Box 239, Ida, Ml 48140, or call us at 734-269- 3045 on Tuesday or Thursday between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM.

Lot Numbers

The lots in each cemetery have eight graves in each lot. They are as follows:

Contact Information

Please contact the Deputy Clerk for more information on cemeteries.


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Lulu Cemeteries & Red Maple Cemetery

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